Thenmarachchiis locatedin Jaffna  District   Northern Province In Sri Lanka

Thenmarachchiis one of the three historic regions of the Jaffna peninsulain northern Sri Lanka

The other two regions are Vadamarachchiand Valikamam. Thenmarachchi is sometimes spelt ThenmarachiThenmaraachior Thenmaraadchi. This area, like the entire Jaffna peninsula, is populated mostly by Tamilpeople and was for many years under the de facto control of the “Tamil Tigers“.

in thenmaradchi Largest town is Chavakacheri

Divisional Secretariats  Thenmarachchi

Area Total 229.4 km2 (88.6 sq mi)

Population (2007) 55,478

 Density 240/km2 (630/sq mi)

Time zone

UTC+05:30 (Sri Lanka)

Thenmadadchi is one of the Education Zones of NP

Others are below 

There are 60 GN Divisions are in thenmaradchi division 

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